I was born in February of 1978 in Princeton, New Jersey to Bruce and Cheri Wortmann. I have two sisters, Sarah and Emily. We moved to Pennsylvania before I reached 10 years old. I was in the Pennsbury School District right up until I graduated from Pennsbury High School. That same year I earned my Eagle Scout award. I attended Bucks County Community College for a year while I worked for Egghead Computer. Shortly after that, I was called to be a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For two years I lived in Uruguay and learned to love the people there.

After I returned home again, I enrolled in Bucks County Community College for a semester. I worked with a friend, Peter Tang, at a Child Care Center. It was a lot of fun. Who knew you could get paid to play with Legos? During that time I was a seminary teacher and enjoyed attending Institute Classes with other young single adults in Princeton.

After completing a semester at Bucks, I transferred to Brigham Young University. My grandmother had given me her car and so my father and I drove the cross country trek to Utah together. I stayed with the Hill family for a number of months while I went to school in the evenings. They were so nice to take me in. I knew their son, Jeff, while he and I were missionaries in Uruguay.

In late February, I met Alessandra Cruz. Alessandra is from Brazil and she was staying with the Kenison Family while attending Brigham Young University. She's a stunning sight. We spent a few months dating and then in May, of 2001, I proposed to her. She and I were married in the Mount Timpanogas Temple the 22th of August 2001.

For the first part of our marriage, we lived in Orem, UT. However, in July 2005, we bought our first house and now reside in Springville, UT.

Alessandra finished her degree in Therapeutic Recreation August 2004. I, however, am still in school. I was planning to major in Computer Engineering but changed it to Computer Science. I finally achieved my goal and graduated in December of 2006.

I'm currently working in the phone support division of DirectPointe. It's a fun job and they work around my schedule.

Overall, I have a happy life. I have wonderful parents, great in-laws, and most importantly, a wife that I cherish and admire. I can't explain how wonderful it is to be surrounded by so many caring people.